Team Biographies - M Anwar Khan.


•  Corporate Security Consultant
•  Tutor - Burrill Green Corporate Security Business School

In his first career in the Pakistan Army, Anwar Khan served with distinction and, having reached the rank of Colonel, retired in 1994. A graduate from Command and Staff College, Quetta, he also holds a master's degree in Political Science.

Having held three various operational, management and security appointments, he joined Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) - a subsidiary of British American Tobacco (BAT), the world's 2nd largest tobacco group). Anwar Khan was the CSO of PTC for 11 years until his retirement in 2006. In addition, he has attended various advanced international programmes in the USA and the UK related to corporate security and information/ IT security.

While managing company business and operational security interests, Anwar Khan developed effective and innovative contingency plans to identify and counter numerous threats like terrorism, various crisis situations and safety & security of the business in a high risk country like Pakistan, particularly following 9/11 events. He created and disseminated best operating practices, and coordinated and managed security activities of the whole company. He also has extensive experience in risk assessment - as risk manager - security vulnerability threat analysis, physical/ technical security, security of nation wide supply chain, anti-counterfeiting activities, investigation of fraud and other incidents, business continuity planning and management, anti-kidnapping processes and management of actual kidnapping incidents and conduct of security awareness programmes in the company.

In 2006, he was the first of 130 Security Managers, of BAT worldwide, to win the "BAT Business Security Excellence Award" in recognition of his contributions to support and added value delivery to various business activities and operations, and extraordinarily successful crisis management which included effecting the safe release of kidnapped company staff.


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