Burrill Green and GlobalStrat - Value from Security.

New Partnership: GlobalStrat

GlobalStrat is a geopolitical risk and security consultancy firm with a regional specialization on Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where it has built a reliable and extensive source network.

Clients include governments in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, large multinationals, Sovereign Wealth Funds, asset managers and large law firms.

The services provide security and country risk studies for corporations assessing the risk/rewards of entering markets or to update the security situation in a market where the company is already present.

Additionally, advice on terrorism matters to governments in the EMEA region includes analysis on groups ranging from Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab to Hezbollah.

The practice has a great track record predicting hotspots; trends such as the dramatic rise of terrorism in the West including attacks on Paris, the rise of Islamic State, the Saudi-Iran proxy war, an attack on Sharm el Sheikh, Libya’s becoming a bigger problem than Syria, and others. Very informative commentary is produced on risks likely to affect existing or prospective investments.

There is a focus on predictions and actionable information identify risks on specific markets and to implement pre-emptive action to mitigate threats.

GlobalStrat, as part of its suite of services, also offers weekly conference calls along with face to face meetings on major security and geopolitical global events and trends.

The practice welcomes inquiries on a confidential basis about some of its client/service operations. Services can be provided on an ad hoc or continuing relationship basis.

Olivier Guitta: Bio

Olivier is the Managing Director of GlobalStrat, where he has built a reliable, trusted and extensive source network. On numerous occasions he has briefed the UK Home Office, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the European Commission and European Parliament, the United States Congress, NATO, the Swedish Foreign, Defence and Interior Ministries, the Belgian Foreign Ministry and the UAE Foreign and Defence ministries, as well as US presidential candidates, SOCOM and Europol. He has addressed the US Congress, the Parliaments of the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Bosnia. He regularly briefs on security and geopolitical matters to members of the U.S. Congress, UK MPs and MEPs.

He is a regular speaker at international security conferences and has lectured at the US National Defense University and the Joint Special Operations University. He regularly briefs Chief Security Officers from the largest companies in the world on security/terrorism and geopolitical risk.

His writings on geopolitics and security issues have been published in a range of prestigious outlets, including The Times, Le Monde, Forbes, The Daily Beast, World Affairs, Weekly Standard, Jane’s Weekly, National Post, National Interest, The National, Valeurs Actuelles, Le Temps (Switzerland).

His latest articles can be found here: www.globalstratltd.com

Olivier often appears on international broadcast outlets including the BBC, CNN, Sky News, NBC, CNBC, ITV, CBS, ABC, France 24, Canadian TV, Fox News and NPR.

His latest appearances can also be found here: www.globalstratltd.com

In addition to his journalism, Olivier is regularly interviewed and quoted in The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, the Telegraph, the Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Village Voice, Chicago Tribune, Le Figaro, Liberation, Wiener Zeitung, and El Pais.

Olivier is the author of the Libya Chapter in the John Hopkins- SAIS book “Paradigm in the Mediterranean”.

He was, until July 2014, the Director of Research at the Henry Jackson Society, a British foreign policy think tank, where he was responsible for setting the strategic agenda for the research department and overseeing the Society’s academic focus, as well as conducting his own research on geopolitics in the MENA regi

For immediate contact with the partnership on any aspect of this enhanced partnership, please contact david.burrill@burrillgreen.com