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Burrill Green and PICA - Value from Security.

Corporate Security New Global Strategic Partnership

Burrill Green and PICA Corporation, an American company, have formed a new global strategic partnership, consolidating their mutual expertise and client service offers in corporate security, intelligence and resilience. This is a significant coming together of two world-class organisations. There will be synergistic benefits for both organization partners, and for all clients and prospects. The drive, commitment and passion to continue to add value to security's contribution to helping people and businesses flourish will now lead to an even higher level of service capability and delivery. This includes the improvement in shareholder value and goodwill in enterprises that uphold corporate security's ability to be positively entwined throughout an organization and with all its clients, customers and audiences.

Burrill Green and PICA Corporation founders, David Burrill and Vincent Volpi respectively, first met at an inaugural cybercrime congress in Brussels in 2006. Way back then, cybercrime was an almost novel notion outside of specialist technical groups. In ten years we have now got to a point where many organisations claim they are suffering from "cybercrime fatigue". This kind of state is becoming more and more common across a number of critical areas in corporate security that won't wither and die any time soon. Both threats and real challenges really are continuing to grow. This is both good and bad. The bad part is the increasing extent to which legitimate businesses are being challenged by illegitimate activities. The only good part is that this has created a burgeoning business for those enterprises that are dedicated to defending and nurturing legitimacy, and combatting the extraordinary variety of illegitimate activities around the world. Burrill Green and PICA Corporation have been collaborating on developing responses to these threats from that original encounter in Europe, and have continued to develop different portfolios of capabilities to handle existing and emerging threats across a wide range of areas, and at many levels of operation.

PICA Corporation has grown organically and its palette of expertise has resulted in a competitive operation able to draw down on deep and proven talent to address a significant set of challenges that face bona fide enterprises every day. The skill set embraces focused approaches and solutions within five overall operating clusters that have overlapping and interlocking elements - business intelligence, risk mitigation, enterprise-wide brand protection, security consulting, personnel and other asset protection. This strength in depth and breadth utilizes the professional talents of over 300 people in 21 countries. The core group has access to a wider range of experts who can contribute to the execution of specific briefs requiring tailored or unique sets of responses. PICA serves organisations at multiple levels of operation, and for all asset classes - personnel, physical property, technology, intellectual property and shareholder value. The operating mantra is mitigating risk and securing business, a focused, pragmatic and often immediate response system.

Burrill Green has specialized at Board and C-Suite levels with a focused drive to derive incremental value from corporate security best practice while lowering the costs of achieving this. The approach is driven by the following summary of core beliefs - The best security practices can be a competitive asset, not simply a cost of business. Security must make sense. Security must count. Security must be accountable.

All Burrill Green people have worked in senior corporate roles, around the world, bringing an unrivalled difference in depth through hands-on experience. Burrill Green has spent a long time working with an enormous variety of organisations to foster and nurture the practice of world-class integrated security, and they are dedicated to continuing to serve in this way.

Intelligence-led, business integrated security can increase shareholder value, and this can be demonstrated by them time after time. Effective business security comes out of the anticipation of the impacts of uncertainty on the delivery of business objectives, and the team has excelled at this endeavor.

A critical differentiator in success has been the recognition and practice that finding and developing first-class talent, placing senior candidates in key cross-functional roles within organisations, ensures a greater ROI for recruiters. It also creates a band of experts with shared knowledge and experience that can work closely and consistently over time in cooperative networks. This is a strategic approach much favoured in general business practice by major consulting groups like McKinsey and Bain, but is a unique service within the senior corporate security industry, embracing an unparalleled strategic approach to search and selection, coaching, mentoring, and continuing professional development.

Burrill Green and PICA Corporation, in reviewing growth objectives and the desire to continue to strengthen capabilities and expertise again, means we have now decided we can progress strongly through even closer collaboration and a deeper enmeshing of our two organisations' capabilities.

Our new global strategic partnership will enable us both to extend our range of services from the bottom to the top of organisations, across a wider range of operating cultures and more countries in all regions. Both general and niche services can be complemented with additional expertise within the group, giving more flexibility and resilience to our ability to meet emerging challenges in timely and cost-effective ways.

Our coverage is now more globally balanced and there are no redundancies in the matching of skills and people. The availability to the whole organization of the search and selection and continuing professional development operations will also reinforce the capability of our networked alliances to deliver justifiable security practices that will underpin organisations' value and goodwill.

Vincent Volpi, PICA Corporations' founder partner, said, "We regard this new strengthened partnership as one of the most promising rallying of talents in recent times. It significantly enhances our ability to add value to security's contribution to business productivity, profitability and customer respect."

David Burrill, founder partner of Burrill Green, said, "Having worked with PICA over the last decade, it has become clearer that both organisations will benefit from a deeper level of interaction and involvement, and that, even more importantly, our clients and prospects will see a positive extension and set of benefits to the services we provide and can now refine further."

In this evolving relationship, services from the two entwined operations can be seen at both www.pica.net and www.burrillgreen.com

For immediate contact with the partnership on any aspect of this enhanced partnership, please contact david.burrill@burrillgreen.com and /or vincent.volpi@pica.net
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